Literal string construction rules

A literal string in LotusScript® is a string of any characters enclosed in one of the following sets of delimiters:

  • A pair of double quotation marks ( " " )
      "A quoted string"
  • A pair of vertical bars ( | | )
      |A bar string|
  • Open and close braces ( { } )
      {A brace string}

Strings enclosed in vertical bars or braces can span multiple lines.

|A string
   on two lines|

To include one of the closing delimiter characters ", |, or } as text within a string delimited by that character, double it.

|A bar string with a bar || in it|

The empty string has no characters at all; it is represented by "".

Strings delimited by vertical bars, braces, or double quotation marks cannot be nested.

"A quoted string with {braces} and a bar | in it"
"A quoted string with ""quotes"" in it"
|A bar string with a bar || in it|
{A brace string with {braces}} in it}