Limits on string data representation in LotusScript®

The following table lists the limits on representation of string data.



Number of strings

Limited by available memory.

Total string storage

Limited by available memory.

Length of a string literal

16,267 characters (32,000 bytes).

Length of a string value

2G bytes

Total string literal storage in a module

2G bytes

Note: Even though strings in LotusScript® 4 can be longer than 64K, there are still restrictions with the length of the string you can read or write using the GET and PUT statements. The only combination of filetypes that will work with long strings is with a binary file and a variable-length string. Fixed-length strings, strings in variants, and random files will not work with strings greater than 64K in length because they have a two-byte header which contains the length of the string. Two bytes cannot represent more than 64K.