Illegal constant expression for: <CONST name>

One of the following occurred in a Const statement:

  • You used a value of a data type that does not match the data type suffix character of the constant. If the constant and the value are both numeric, the value may be too large for the data type of the constant.

    Change the constant's data type suffix character, or change the value so that it is legal for the constant's data type.

  • You tried to define a constant with a nonconstant value. The value assigned by a Conststatement must be a constant value; that is, one of the following:
    • A literal
    • A constant previously defined by a Const statement
    • A built-in function whose arguments are constant expressions
    • An expression whose operands are either literals; constants previously defined by Const statements; or one of a number of built-in functions whose arguments are constant expressions

    Change the assigned value to a constant value.