OnSubmit (NotesUIDocument - LotusScript®)

Occurs just before the current document is saved.

Note: This event is new with Release 6.

Defined in



OnSubmit( Source as NotesUIDocument , Continue as Variant )



NotesUIDocument. Read-only. The current document.


Boolean. Read-write. Indicates whether or not the document will save. Initially set to True. Set this parameter to False if you do not want to save the document.


If the OnSubmit event occurs during the closing of a document, setting Continue to False stops both the save and the close.

If the document contains input translation or validation formulas, execute the Refresh method for the source NotesUIDocument object at the beginning of the OnSubmit script. The OnSubmit event occurs before Domino® refreshes the fields during the save process, so the script works with unvalidated and untranslated data unless you explicitly refresh.

When you create a script that responds to this event, Domino® creates the syntax of the event for you (including the parameters). You do not need to type it in.