LogAction (NotesLog - LotusScript®)

Records an action in a log.

Defined in



Call notesLog .LogAction( description$ )



String. A description of the action that the script performed, as you want it to appear in the log.


The behavior of this method depends upon the type of log you've opened.

  • If you opened a Domino® database using OpenNotesLog, this method creates a new document in the database. The A$ACTION item in the document contains the description$. For more information about the items that the document contains, see the OpenNotesLog method.
  • If you opened a mail memo using OpenMailLog, this method adds description$ to the Body item of the memo, along with the current date and time.
  • If you opened a file using OpenFileLog, this method adds description$ to the next line of the file, along with the log's ProgramName and the current date and time.