Launching a page or form into a frameset

About this task

You can specify that either a page or a form and the documents created with that form open automatically in a specific frame of a frameset.


  1. Open the page or form you want to open in a frame.
  2. Choose Design - Page Properties or Design - Form Properties to open the properties box for the page or form.

  3. Click the Launch tab.
  4. In the Frameset field, select the frameset in which you wish to launch the page or form and the documents that are created with that form.
  5. In the Frame field, select the frame in which you wish to display the page or form and documents.


Note that you can select only framesets that are located in the same database as the form on which you are working. Make sure that you have already saved the frameset and given the frame a name in the Frame Properties box.