Importing Java

About this task

Select Imported Java from the Run menu.


  1. Click Import Class Files.
  2. Under the Available Java Files column, select the filing system and base directory for the files you want to import. If you are importing from a named package, the base directory must contain the directory containing the class files.
  3. Optional: Select the appropriate check box for Show file types. The default file type is All.
  4. Select the files you want to import from the file list and click Add/Replace File(s). To import all of the files in the base directory and all of its subdirectories, click Add/Replace All. To remove a file, or group of files from the Current Agent Files column, select the file(s) and click Delete.
  5. Put the files in the proper order in the Current Agent Files column by clicking Reorder Up or Reorder Down to move files up or down, or by dragging files into place. You may move files one at a time, or in groups.
  6. Enter the base class in the Base class box or select it from the list.
  7. Optional: Click Refresh, or Refresh All to reload files in the Current Agent Files column.
  8. Click OK to import files.
  9. Optional: Click Reimport Class Files to import additional files, or reimport an existing file.