FitToWindow (NotesEmbeddedObject - LotusScript®)

Read-write. Sizes the embedded object to fit the document window. The embedded object takes over the entire document window when activated.

Note: This property is new with Release 4.6.2.

Defined in


Data type



To get: flag = notesEmbeddedObject .FitToWindow

To set: notesEmbeddedObject .FitToWindow = flag

Legal values

  • True indicates that the embedded object takes over the document window when activated.
  • False indicates the default. Normal in-place activation.


Available when the embedded object is an OLE embedded object or an OLE control (ActiveX control or OCX).

UI behavior of the embedded object is the same as if it did not have FitToWindow set.

If the embedded object supports ActiveX document (DocObject) and has requested this behavior from Notes®, Notes® only honors this request if FitToWindow or FitBelowFields is set. Since controls are run when a document is opened in Edit mode (and in read-only mode if RunReadOnly is set), the object immediately takes over the window. OLE embedded objects take over the window when they are UI activated. As a result of the activation, any other objects or Notes® fields are hidden/painted over/wiped out.

Because of the results of this property, it is suggested that the document have only one object and it should have this property set. An embedded object can not have both this property and the FitBelowFields property set.