Examples: Window title formulas

  1. This formula displays the static text "Focus Group Discussion" in the title bar.
    "Focus Group Discussion"
  2. This formula displays the static text "New Topic" for a new document. For an existing document, the formula displays the contents of the Subject field followed by text indicating the number of response documents associated with this document.
    @If(@IsNewDoc; "New Topic"; Subject +
    @DocDescendants(" (No Responses)"; "(1 Response)"; "(% Responses)"))
  3. This formula displays a window title suited to a Response or a Response to Response document.
    @If(@IsNewDoc; "New Response to " + Subject;
    "Response " + @DocNumber("") + " of " + @DocSiblings + " to " + Subject)
  4. This formula, which evaluates to a time-date value, is legal.
  5. In this formula, the time-date field must be explicitly converted to text because it is part of an expression.
    "Response created on " + @Text(@Created)