Examples: SetUserPasswordSettings method

This code creates an administration request to change the Password Management settings on the Administration tab of the person record for the user Sally Mae as follows:

  • Check password is set to Lockout ID
  • Required change interval is set to 5 days.
  • Grace period is set to 9 days.

The Force user to change Internet Password on next login checkbox remains unselected.

Sub Initialize
  Dim session As New NotesSession
  Dim adminp As NotesAdministrationProcess
  Set adminp = _
  noteid$ = adminp.SetUserPasswordSettings( _
  "CN=Sally Mae/O=Northeast", PWD_CHK_LOCKOUT, 5, 9, False)
  If noteid$<> "" Then
    Dim db As New NotesDatabase("myServer/Northeast", "admin4.nsf")
    Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
    Call ws.EditDocument(False, db.GetDocumentByID(noteid$))
  End If
End Sub