Examples: DateSep property

The following example displays the date international settings: whether the date format is DMY, MDY, or YMD; the month-day-year separator; the keywords for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim international As NotesInternational
Set international = session.International
If international.IsDateDMY Then
  Messagebox "DMY",, "Format of date"
Elseif international.IsDateMDY Then
  Messagebox "MDY",, "Format of date"
Elseif international.IsDateYMD Then
  Messagebox "YMD",, "Format of date"
  Messagebox "Unknown",, "Format of date"
End If
Messagebox international.DateSep,, "Date separator"
Messagebox international.Yesterday & Chr(10) & _
international.Today & Chr(10) & _
international.Tomorrow ,, "Text of date keywords"