EmbeddedObjects (NotesDocument - LotusScript®)

Read-only. The OLE/2 and OLE/1 embedded objects in a document.

Note: Embedded objects and object links are not supported for OS/2, UNIX, and the Macintosh. File attachments are.

Defined in


Data type

Array of NotesEmbeddedObject objects


To get: notesEmbeddedObjectArray = notesDocument .EmbeddedObjects


Use the HasEmbedded property to determine if the document contains any embedded objects. This property returns Empty if there are no embedded objects in the document.

Unlike the EmbeddedObjects property in NotesRichTextItem, this property does not include file attachments, nor OLE/1 objects created in Notes® Release 3.

This property does include OLE/2 and OLE/1 objects created in Notes® Release 4. It also includes objects in the document that were originally embedded in the document's form. Such objects must have been activated, modified, and re-saved in order to be returned by this property (otherwise they remain a part of the form, not the document).