Creating, compacting, removing, and replicating a database

Use one of the following methods to create a database.

  • DbDirectory.createDatabase creates an uninitialized database. A program can access it, but a user cannot access it through the user interface because it has no forms or views.
  • Database.createFromTemplate creates an initialized database based on an existing template. This database has the design and documents of the template and can be accessed from the workspace.
  • Database.createReplica creates an uninitialized replica of an existing database. The replica must be initialized either by you with the replicate method or by the user accessing it from the workspace upon first use.
  • Database.createCopy creates a copy of the design of an existing database.

The following methods are available for an existing database:

  • Database.compact compacts a database.
  • Database.compactWithOptions compacts a database allowing the submission of options.

  • Database.getOption gets the value of a database option.

  • Database.remove removes (deletes) a database.
  • Database.markForDelete marks a database for deletion from a server in a cluster.

  • Database.replicate replicates a database.
  • Database.setOption sets the value of a database option.

  • Database.sign signs a database.