Create (NotesDatabase - LotusScript®)

Creates a new database on disk, using the server and file name that you specify.

Note: This method is supported in LotusScript® only. For COM, use CreateDatabase in NotesDbDirectory.

Defined in



Call notesDatabase .Create( server$ , dbfile$ , openFlag [, maxsize% ] )



String. The name of the server where you want the new database to reside. Use an empty string ("") to create a database on the current computer.


String. The file name of the new database.


Boolean. Indicates whether you want to open the database. Specify True if you want to open the database and False if you do not. A database must be open in order for a script to access its properties and methods. If you choose not to open the database when it's created, you can open it later with the Open or OpenIfModified method.


Note: This parameter is new with Release 5.

Integer. Optional. The maximum size (in gigabytes) that you would like to assign to the new database. This parameter applies only to Release 4 databases or those created on a server that has not been upgraded to Release 5. Entering an integer greater than 4 generates a run-time error that reads "Maximum size for database is 4 (gigabytes)," and the script fails.


Both server$ and dbfile$ can be empty strings if the NotesDatabase object was already instantiated with a server and a file name (for example, using New).

Because the new database is not based on a template, it's blank and does not contain any forms or views.