AdjustMinute (NotesDateTime - LotusScript®)

Increments a date-time by the number of minutes you specify.

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Call notesDateTime .AdjustMinute( n% [, preserveLocalTime ] )



Integer. The number of minutes by which to increment the date-time. Can be positive or negative.


Boolean. Optional. Affects adjustments that cross daylight-saving boundaries. Specify True to increment or decrement the GMT time by one hour such that a 24-hour adjustment yields the same local time in the new day. If this parameter is False or omitted, GMT time remains as adjusted and local time gains or loses an hour.


If the NotesDateTime object consists of only a date component, this method has no effect, as long as the adjustment is less than the number of minutes in a day.

The number of minutes by which you increment a NotesDateTime object can cause the date component to be adjusted, too. For example, if n% is 1440, the date component changes to the next calendar day.