Setting up a database ACL

About this task

Plan the database access for the application before you add users, groups, or servers to a database ACL. After you set up a database ACL, users can click the Effective Access button on the ACL dialog box in the Notes® client to view their level of access to a database.

Note: You can make changes to multiple ACLs on a server through the Multi-ACL Management dialog box in the Administrator Client. You can also edit an ACL for a single database using the File - Database - ACL dialog box in the Notes® client.

To set up a database ACL


  1. Make sure that you have:
    • Manager access in the database ACL
    • Created the roles and groups that you want to use in the ACL
  2. Select the database icon from your Bookmark pane.
  3. Choose File - Database - Access Control.
  4. Add entries for Notes® users, servers, groups, and authenticated Internet users.
  5. Set the access level for each entry.


For information on assigning anonymous access for Web users, see Administering the Domino® System.

  1. For additional security, select a user type for the each entry.
  2. Refine the entries by restricting or allowing additional access level privileges.
  3. Assign roles to ACL entries. The role displays a check mark when selected. If no role exists in the database, the role option is not displayed.
  4. Enforce a consistent ACL across all replicas of the database.
  5. Click Advanced and accept or change the Web access level in the "Maximum Internet name & password access" list.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.