Adding an applet

You can add a Java applet to a page or form to provide visual interest or additional functionality -- for example, you might use animation to make your home page or form appealing. Applets can range from programs you build yourself to prebuilt programs that you simply drop into a page or form. In Web applications, you might want to display an embedded view or embedded outline as an applet rather than as HTML to provide a richer user interface.

The Domino® Designer elements that you can display as applets include outlines, views, rich-text fields, and action bars. For more information, see the topics for creating an outline applet, view applet, editor applet, and action bar applet.

For custom or prebuilt applets you want to include in a page or form, follow the steps for inserting, modifying, and running applets described in the section Including Java Applets in an Application.