Initializing a session

You must explicitly initialize a COM session with one of the following NotesSession methods. These methods do not apply to LotusScript® applications.

Call session.Initialize("passwordOptional")
Call session.InitializeUsingNotesUserName("name", "passwordOptional")

The parameters are all strings. The name parameter can be an empty string. The password parameter is optional.

Initialization occurs as follows:

  • Initialize: this method can be used on a computer with a Notes® client or Domino® server and bases the session on the current user ID. If a password is specified, it must match the user ID password. If a password is not specified, the user is prompted for a password as required and as the software permits. If the software does not support prompting (for example, VBScript under ASP/IIS), you must supply the password or the user ID must not have one.
  • InitializeUsingNotesUserName: this method can be used only on a computer with a Domino® server. If a name is specified, the InitializeUsingNotesUserName method looks it up in the local Domino® Directory and permits access to the local server depending on the "Server Access" and "COM Restrictions" settings. The password must match the Internet password associated with the name. If no name is specified, access is granted if the server permits Anonymous access.

These methods assume that you trust the local Domino® or Notes® installation.