Importing structured text files

About this task

Structured text is ASCII text that retains its structure in fields and values. When you import a structured text file into a view, the field names in the text file must correspond to the field names in a Notes® document in the view. To do this, create a form that contains the names of the fields you're importing.

To import structured text into a view

About this task

The source file containing the structured text file must be on your local hard drive or on a file server to which you are connected.


  1. Select the database and open the view that will receive the source data.
  2. Choose File - Import.
  3. Select "Structured Text."
  4. Select the name of the source file.
  5. Click Import.
  6. Select a form to use for the imported source data from the "Use Form" list.
  7. Select an Inter-Document Delimiter to determine how to separate the records.
    • Select "Form-feed" if the records in the source file are separated by a form feed (ASCII 12).
    • Select "Character Code" if the records in the file are separated by a delimiter other than the default, ASCII (form-feed).
  8. Leave Main Document(s) selected in the "Import as" list unless you are creating response documents.
  9. Do one of the following:
    • Select Justify in the "For body text" list to wrap text to fit the Notes® window.
    • Select "Preserve Line Breaks" in the "For body text" list to maintain the existing line breaks in the source file and add a return character at the end of each line of text.
  10. Optional: Select "Calculate fields on form during document import."
  11. Click OK.