Customizing the "Form processed" confirmation for Web users

When Web users submit a document, Domino® sends them the default confirmation message "Form processed." To change the default message, add a computed text field to the form, name it $$Return, and use HTML as the computed value.

To add users' names to the response

The following $$Return formula returns the response "Thank you," and appends the user's name:

who:= @If(@Left(From; " ") = ""; From; @Left(From; " "));
@Return("<h2>Thank you, " + who + "</h2><br><h4>
<a href=/register.nsf/Main+View?OpenView>Main View</a>");

To link to another page

Include HTML with a URL to link to another page based on field values in the submitted document. The following $$Return formula returns a response based on the region the user selects. For example, if the user selects Europe, the message "Visit our site in Italy" displays with a link to the Web site in Italy. (Assume that "stdAnswer" and "stdFooter" are defined earlier in the formula.)

@If(Region="Asia"; stdAnswer + "<h2>Visit our site in <a href=\"\">Japan</a></h2>" + stdFooter;
Region="Europe"; stdAnswer + "<h2>Visit our site in <a href=\"\it_ciao/it_ciao.htm\">Italy</a></h2>" + stdFooter;
stdAnswer + stdFooter);

To display a different Web page

To jump to a different Web page, enclose a URL for the page in brackets. When the user submits the document, the Web client displays the referenced document. For example, the following $$Return formula displays the home page for the Japan site.