New properties in Designer to support HCL Nomad

New properties are available in Domino® Designer to support applications that are used with the mobile client HCL Nomad. These features are supported as of Nomad for iOS 1.0.6 and Nomad for Android 1.0.

Hide a column

If a column in a view does not display well in a mobile client, you can hide it as follows:
  1. Open a view in Designer and select Design > Column Properties.
  2. Click the Advanced tab (last tab).
  3. Select Hide column from mobile.
    Hide column from mobile option selected.

Hide an action or field

If an action or a field does not display well in a mobile client, you can hide it. To hide an action, select the property Hide action from: Mobile. To hide a field, select the property Hide paragraph from: Mobile. For example:
Hide paragraph from Mobile option selected for Field properties.

Choose a sequence for navigating frames

When there are multiple frames in an application, choose the sequence in which to navigate them in Nomad:
  1. Open a frameset in Designer and select Frame > Frame Properties.
  2. In the i tab, specify a number to indicate the order in which the frame is navigated relative to other frames. The maximum value allowed is 15.
    Frame sequence value of 1 specified

Include actions in the Mobile actions button

You can enable an action to be available in the mobile actions button in Nomad. From the Action properties box, select Include action in Mobile Actions button. For more information on the mobile actions menu, see this topic in the Nomad documentation.
Frame sequence value of 1 specified
Note: The properties Include action in Mobile swipe left and Include action in Mobile swipe right are not available yet and are planned to be supported in a future release of Nomad.