Using LotusScript for automation

Use LotusScript® for shared and unshared actions, buttons, action hotspots, picture hotspots, script libraries, events, and agents. LotusScript can be used to access data in Notes® databases and in external applications. For example, you can use LotusScript to change a value in one document based on values in other documents or modify database ACL lists.

Working with HTML

You can use the LotusScript Print statement with HTML as follows:

  • To display HTML information

    For example, add this line to display the message "Thank you for your submission":

    Print "<H1>Thank you for your submission</H1>"
  • To provide instructions to a browser

    For example, add this line to direct a browser to the Domino® Web site:

    Print "[]"

Restrictions for using the Print statement include:

  • It must be attached to a user-run automated component, such as an action, a button, a manually-run agent, or a WebQuerySave event that uses @Command([RunAgent]) or @Command([ToolsRunMacro]).
  • If it is attached to a manually-run agent, it must also be a shared agent.
  • It cannot be attached to a WebQueryOpen event.