Writing formulas in the Programmer's pane

About this task

Formulas may be written in the Programmer's pane, or in the Formula window located in the properties boxes of some objects. Formula windows are also located in other parts of the Domino interface such as Replication Settings.

To enter a formula in the Programmer's pane


  1. Select the correct object on the Objects tab. The object can be an action, a button, a hotspot, a field, or the form itself.
  2. Choose Formula from the Run menu.
  3. For fields, click the correct event on the Objects tab. The event can be Default Value, Input Translation, Input Validation, Input Enabled, or HTML Attributes.

  4. Enter the formula in the Script area. If auto completion is enabled,a pop-up list appears. You can select a formula from the list and press ENTER to paste it in the Script area, or continue to type the formula manually.
    Note: You can also click the Reference tab to see a list of @functions, @commands, and fields.
  5. Click the check mark to accept your new formula or the edits to an existing formula. You can click the X to cancel your formula or edits.
  6. If you receive syntax error messages, edit the formula until the errors are corrected.


The column formula has the appearance of a Programmer's pane but lacks an Object box. Your formula applies to the column that is currently selected.