LotusScript Classes Tutorial

Welcome to LotusScript® and Domino®. "LotusScript Classes Tutorial" consists of three lessons designed to introduce you to using the LotusScript language in Domino. Each lesson includes:

  • A series of steps that help you create and test a working script
  • A line-by-line explanation of the script
  • A challenge, to use what you have just learned
  • One possible solution to the challenge

Each lesson assumes that you have some experience with Domino application development, and that you have completed the previous lesson.

Do this now

Each lesson also uses a sample discussion database, which you should create now:

  1. Open Domino Designer. If you are in the Notes® client, do this by clicking the Domino Designer icon on the bookmark bar. Domino Designer icon
  2. Choose File - Database - New.
  3. For the server, use Local.
  4. Enter the title as "Learning LotusScript."
  5. Leave the file name as "Learning LotusScript.nsf."
  6. If you see a list of templates, go to the next step. If you don't see a list of templates, select Template Server and a server that contains the templates.
  7. Select the "Discussion - Notes & Web (R5.0)" template.
  8. Deselect "Inherit future design changes."
  9. Click OK.

The new database should appear in the Design pane along with a list of design categories. The database's design elements such as the individual forms and views are in the Work pane. You are ready to begin Lesson 1.