Creating a database

There are three ways to create a database:

  • Using a template.

    The fastest way to create a database is to use one of the Domino templates included with Domino Designer. Domino Designer includes templates for creating a variety of applications. Applications created using one of the Domino Designer templates can be used as is or customized.

    To decide if there is a template that is correct for you, see the Table of Domino Designer templates.

  • Copying an existing database.

    If you have access to a database that already has all the elements you are looking for, you can copy the design and create a new database with the same features. Once you have created the database, you can customize it to meet your company's needs.

  • Building your own.

    If you need to create a unique database, build your own. Choose File - Application - New from the Domino Designer menu. Name the database, select Blank from the template list, and click OK. This creates an empty database in which you can create your own design elements.