Creating a blog

Create a new Web site or blog using the dominoblog template, just as you would create any other Notes application.

For instructions on how to create a blog or Web site using the dominoblog template, see the topic Creating a database in the Domino Administrator Help.

Securing the blog database

When you use DOMINOBLOG.NTF to create a blog, the NSF that is created can be secured using a database Access Control List (ACL), just as you would secure any Notes database.

To grant access to anyone who wants to view the blog, specify Reader access for Anonymous access in the ACL.

To allow anyone to add comments to the blog, specify Author access for Anonymous, and enable 'Create documents.

To allow only specific individuals to add comments, list those individuals in the ACL with Author access and enable Create Documents for each of those individuals.

The blog database must be signed with a user ID that is allowed to run agents on the Domino server.

There are also some ACL roles specific to the blog template:

Admin - Can edit all documents even if not listed as a reader/author

webadmin - Able to view/use web client

webcompose - Allowed to submit content to the database via the web client

Creating a Site Setup document

When you first create and open the blog database, a Site Setup document appears. Use this document to specify the details of your blog, such as the blog name and URL.

Complete these fields on the Site Detail tab of the Site Setup document:

Field Action

Site Name

Specify the name that you are assigning to your blog.

Site Description

(Optional) Enter a description of the Web site.

Primary Server

Notes enters the name of the server to which you are connected. This server that hosts the Web-facing replica of the database. Only this replica can perform Web-based functions.

Full site URL (includes .NSF)

Domino completes this field automatically. You can modify the entry as required.

Complete these fields on the Personal Details tab:

Field Action

Username (Notes)

Notes displays your Notes user name in this field. You can modify the entry.

Username (Preferred)

Notes enters the user name with which you logged on.


(Optional) Specify your email address.

Web site

(Optional) Specify your web site address. This is not the address of the blog, but an additional address for an author web site.

Default Location

(Optional) Location where you have created an entry in the database. This is a URL within the blog web site to which users will be directed if they do not specify a specific view or page in their URL.

Click OK. A configuration document, user profile document, and location document (if a location was specified) are created and can be found under Configuration on the navigator panel.

The DominoBlog database opens. Use the views and buttons to perform standard blog activities such as entering content, adding comments, running a wizard, and other activities.