Using the Evaluate statement

The Evaluate statement in Domino® Designer has the following syntax:

returnValue = Evaluate( notesFormula [, notesObject ] )

NotesFormula is a string variable, expression, or constant.

notesObject is optional and provides context for the formula; for example, if the formula accesses a field, notesObject must be the NotesDocument object that contains that field.

returnValue is an array in which the type and number of elements reflect the formula result; a scalar value is returned to element 0 of the array. You should use a variant for the return value, since you may not know how many elements are being returned.

The following @functions, which affect the user interface, do not work within an Evaluate statement: @Command, @DbManager, @DbName, @DbTitle, @DDEExecute, @DDEInitiate, @DDEPoke, @DDETerminate, @DialogBox, @PickList, @PostedCommand, @Prompt, and @ViewTitle.