To encrypt a database

About this task

You must have Manager access in the database ACL to encrypt a database.


  1. Select the database icon from your Bookmark pane, and select File - Database - Properties.
  2. Click the Database Basics tab, and then click "Encryption Settings."
  3. Choose "Locally encrypt this database using," and then choose an encryption level:
    • Simple
    • Medium (default)
    • Strong
  4. Click "For" and then choose a single ID to use to encrypt the database. Remember to choose the ID of the person who needs access to the database.
  5. Compact the database

    The encryption does not actually take place until you close and reopen the database.


Note: You can choose an encryption level when you create a new database or database replica. By default in Notes® Release 6 and later, new replicas created locally are encrypted with medium encryption. You can change the default encryption settings in File - Preferences - User Preferences - Replication.