Server configuration for Web browsers

The Domino administrator is typically responsible for configuring the Domino server for proper rendering of Domino Web applications. However, developers of Web applications should be aware of the possible settings in the browser configuration file that may impact the performance or appearance of their applications.

The browser.cnf file

The browser.cnf file is installed automatically in the server data directory when you install Domino. It contains configuration settings for browsers used to render Domino Web applications. Specifically, this file is used by @BrowserInfo to determine browser properties.

There are two types of directives in this file: Property and Rule. The property directive defines a browser property that can be accessed by @BrowserInfo. The Rule directive specifies a regular expression pattern which is used to match the browser User-Agent header.

Typically, Web application developers will make use of this file to ensure that their applications work properly on the Domino Web server. However, because of the file's location in the server data directory, it is likely that the Domino administrator will need to make any necessary modifications.

The following are browser.cnf settings that modify the behavior of the Web engine's built-in HTML generation:

CSSTableTabs - Boolean indicating whether browser can render CSS rules for table tabs DisableActionBarApplet - Boolean indicating whether browser can handle the ActionBar Applet DisableViewApplet - Boolean indicating whether browser can handle the View Applet DisableOutlineApplet - Boolean indicating whether browser can handle the Outline Applet DisableEditorApplet - Boolean indicating whether browser can handle the Editor Applet DHTMLSections - String indicating whether / how sections should render using client-side DHTML

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