PostDocumentDelete (NotesUIDatabase - LotusScript®)

Occurs after the command is given to delete (clear or cut) a document, but before it is actually deleted.

Defined in



PostDocumentDelete(Source as Notesuidatabase)



NotesUIDatabase. Read-only. The current database.


When you create a script that responds to this event, Notes® creates the syntax of the event for you (including the parameters). You do not need to type it in.

Source.Documents contains the affected documents.

Despite its name, the PostDocumentDelete event runs before the documents are actually deleted. It is possible that the document may not be deleted, either because the user lacks sufficient access to perform a deletion, or because the deletion process was interrupted, such as by the loss of a network connection to the Notes® server. To ensure that the actions in the PostDocumentDelete event script only run when the document should be deleted, check the user's access before performing any other actions. To delete a document, the user must have document deletion privilege in the database ACL. An Editor or higher authority can delete any document, while Authors can only delete documents containing an Authors field that allows them to modify the document.

It's not really possible to implement a true PostDocumentDelete that gives you a list of documents, because after the documents have been deleted they are no longer available.