GetNotices (NotesCalendar - LotusScript®)

Gets calendar notices associated with an entry.

Defined in



Set noticesVariant = notesCalendarEntry.GetNotices( )
GetNotices() As Variant
Return value Description
Variant The notices, or an empty array for no notices. Each array element is of type NotesCalendarNotice.
Possible exception (lsxbeerr.lss) Value Text Description
lsERR_NOTES_ERR_NOTACCEPTED 4812 The invitation for this meeting has not yet been accepted You should locate the notice and accept, then try again.
lsERR_NOTES_ERR_IDNOTFOUND 4814 Identifier not found The recurrence identifier for the NotesCalendarEntry object does not identify an entry in the calendar, or the identifier for the NotesCalendarNotice object does not identify a notice in the calendar.