GetEmbeddedObject (NotesRichTextItem - LotusScript®)

Given the name of an embedded object or an object link in a rich text item, returns the corresponding NotesEmbeddedObject.

Note: Embedded objects and object links are not supported for UNIX, and the Macintosh. File attachments are.

Defined in



Set notesEmbeddedObject = notesRichTextItem .GetEmbeddedObject( name$ )



String. The name of the object to find.

To find an embedded object or object link, use the name of the object or link as it appears in the InfoBox, or as designated in the EmbedObject method.

Return value


The object, if found. Otherwise, returns Nothing.


If you modify the object returned by GetEmbeddedObject in your script, the changes are saved, but the rendering of the object in the document is not updated until you manually activate the object.

In an open document in edit mode (the NotesDocument via NotesUIDocument.Document), changes made to rich text will not appear on screen immediately as they would with fields of other types. There is no method to cause this update to occur. You must close and reopen the document to see changes.