General syntax rules

A formula must follow these general syntax rules.

Statement separators

Separate multiple statements with semicolons.

FIELD RegionalManager := AreaManager;
FIELD AreaManager := @DeleteField


You can place any number of spaces, including none, between operators, punctuation, and values. However, keywords must be delineated by at least one space, and spaces within text constants are significant.

For example, the following statements are equivalent.

LastName + ", " + FirstName;
LastName+", "+FirstName

In the following statement, at least one space must follow the reserved word SELECT.



Case is not significant except within text constants. By convention, keywords such as FIELD are uppercase, and @function and @command names such as ProperCase are mixed uppercase and lowercase. You need not follow these conventions when typing, but Domino® changes the case to conform to the conventions when saving a formula.

Operators and values

Two values must be separated by at least one operator.