Examples: NotesDOMXMLDeclNode class

This agent reports on the XML Declaration node.

Sub Initialize
  Dim db As NotesDatabase
  Dim session As NotesSession
  Dim inputStream As NotesStream
  Dim domParser As NotesDOMParser
  Dim xNode As NotesDOMXMLDeclNode
  On Error Goto errh
  Set session = New NotesSession
  Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
  Set inputStream = session.CreateStream
  inputStream.Open ( "c:\dxl\hello.xml")
  Set domParser=session.CreateDOMParser(inputStream)
  domParser.AddXMLDeclNode = True
  'display information about the XML declaration node
  Set xNode = domParser.Document.FirstChild
  Messagebox xNode.Encoding, ,"encoding"
  Messagebox xNode.Standalone, , "standalone"
  Messagebox xNode.Version, , "version"
  Exit Sub
  Messagebox Cstr(Err)+":  "+Error+Chr(13), , "Error"
  Resume results
End Sub