Examples: Destination property (NotesReplicationEntry - LotusScript)

This agent gets the NotesDbDirectory object for the destination server.

Sub Initialize
  REM Get local database
  dbName$ = _
  Inputbox$("Database name", _
  "Enter name of local database")
  Dim db As New NotesDatabase("", dbName$)
  Dim rep As NotesReplication
  Dim re As NotesReplicationEntry
  If Not db.IsOpen Then
    Messagebox "No local database",, dbName$
    Exit Sub
  End If
  REM Get source and destination computers
  source$ = Inputbox$("Source", _
  "Enter name of source computer")
  If Instr(1, source$, "Any Server", 5) > 0 Then
    source$ = "-"
  End If
  destination$ = _
  Inputbox$("Destination", _
  "Enter name of destination computer")
  If Instr(1, destination$, "Any Server", 5) > 0 Then
    destination$ = "-"
  End If
  REM Get replication entry
  Set rep = db.ReplicationInfo
  Set re = rep.GetEntry(source$, destination$, False)
  If re Is Nothing Then
    Messagebox _
    "No replication entry for " & source$ & _
    " and " & destination$,, _
    "No such replication entry"
    Exit Sub
  End If
  REM Get server for destination
  Dim dbdir As NotesDbDirectory
  If re.Destination = "-" Then
    Set dbdir = New NotesDbDirectory("")
    Set dbdir = New NotesDbDirectory(re.Destination)
  End If
  If dbdir.Name = "" Then
    dbdirname$ = "Local"
    dbdirname$ = dbdir.Name
  End If
  Messagebox dbdirname$,, "Name of server"
End Sub