Examples: CertifierFile property

This example prompts the current user for the hierarchical name of a user. Based on the organization name of the name supplied, it then selects the certifier file to use to rename the user. Finally, it submits an administration request to remove the middle initial from the specified user name.

Sub Initialize
  Dim session As New NotesSession
  Dim adminp As NotesAdministrationProcess
  Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
  Dim certFile As String
  Dim userName As Variant
  Dim posOfFirst As Long
  Set adminp = _
  userName = ws.Prompt(PROMPT_OKCANCELEDIT, _
  "User to rename", _
  "Enter the hierarchical name of the user name you want to change")
  Forall group In session.UserGroupNameList
    oName$ = group.Organization
  End Forall
  posOfFirst = Instr(userName, oName$)
  If posOfFirst <> 0 Then
    adminp.CertifierFile = _ 
    adminp.CertifierFile = _ 
  End If
  adminp.CertifierPassword = _
  ws.Prompt(PROMPT_PASSWORD, _
  "Password", "Type certifier password")
  noteid$ = adminp.RenameNotesUser(userName,"*","*","")
  If noteid$<> "" Then
    Messagebox "Request submitted",,"Success" 
  End If
End Sub