CreateObject (NotesUIDocument - LotusScript®)

In a document in Edit mode, creates an OLE object in the current rich-text field.

Note: CreateObject is not supported under UNIX, or on the Macintosh.

Defined in



Set handleV = notesUIDocument .CreateObject( [ name$ [ , type$ _ [ , filePath$ ] ] ] )



String. Optional. The name you want to use to refer to the object.


String. Optional. The type of object that you want to create. The type that you specify must correspond to an entry in the OLE registry and is case-sensitive. The method creates an empty instance of the specified object type. If you specify a type, you must omit the filePath$ parameter.


String. Optional. The path and file name of the source document that you want to use to create an object. The method creates an object from the file. If you specify a file path, you must specify an empty string ("") for the type$ parameter.

Return value


Variant. A handle to the OLE object.


You must specify either a type$ or a filePath$, but not both. If you specify a filePath$, you create the object in a rich-text field. You must, however, code a GetObject statement to give LotusScript® a handle on the object.

The current document must be open in Edit mode and the cursor must be in an editable rich-text field.

With no parameters, this method displays the Create Object dialog box, which allows the user to select the object to create.