Contains (NotesDocumentCollection - LotusScript®)

Indicates whether or not a NotesDocumentCollection contains all of the given NotesDocuments or all of the NotesDocuments associated with the given ViewEntries.

Note: This method is new with Release 8.

Defined in


Data type



flag = notesDocumentCollection .Contains( inputNotes )



String, NotesDocument, NotesDocumentCollection, NotesViewEntry or NotesViewEntryCollection. The NotesDocument, NotesDocuments, NotesViewEntry, or NotesViewEntries that the method determines are or are not contained in the NotesViewEntryCollection. A single NotesDocument can be specified by note ID (a String value) or NotesDocument object. Multiple NotesDocuments must be specified as a NotesDocumentCollection. A single NotesViewEntry object can be specified, as long as the NotesViewEntry object has a NotesDocument associated with it. Multiple NotesViewEntry objects that have NotesDocuments associated with them, can be specified as a NotesViewEntryCollection.

Return values

  • True indicates that all of the documents are contained in the original collection
  • False indicates that one or more of the documents are not contained in the original collection


The document or documents whose containment this method determines (or the view entries associated with those documents) must be in the same database as the original collection. Otherwise, the method will return the error "the specified note or notes do not exist in the database" or, if a noteID was passed to the method that matches a noteID in the original collection's database, the method will use the unintended document.

If inputNotes is an empty document collection, this method will return True.