The COM interface is available on a computer containing any of the following:

  • Domino® Designer Release 5.0.2b or later
  • Domino® Server Release 5.0.2b or later
  • Notes® Client Release 5.0.2b or later

The Domino® or Notes® software must be installed but need not be running.

Installation of the Domino® or Notes® software makes a type library available and registers the following classes:

  • Lotus®.NotesSession
  • Lotus®.NotesSession.1

Do not confuse these with the OLE automation objects Notes®.NotesSession and Notes®.NotesUIWorkspace.

The Domino® COM objects must be able to locate a valid notes.ini file, looking first in the Domino® or Notes® program directory and then at the PATH system variable. The KeyFileName setting in the notes.ini file specifies the user ID that COM uses.