Abstract (NotesReplication - LotusScript®)

Read-write. Indicates whether large documents should be truncated and attachments removed during replication.

Defined in


Data type



To get: flag = notesReplication .Abstract

To set: notesReplication .Abstract = flag

Legal values

  • True truncates large documents and removes attachments.
  • False replicates large documents in their entirety.


After setting this property, you must call Save for the changes to take effect. If you do not call Save, your changes are lost.

The Abstract property governs the behavior of replication for databases residing on servers. For databases residing on a local client, the replication settings selected on the Basics tab of the Database Properties Replication Settings under the heading of "How much will be replicated" govern the behavior of replication, overriding the Abstract setting.

Note: The "Receive summary and 40KB of rich text only" checkbox on the Space Savers tab of the Database Properties Replication Settings is an interactive display of the Abstract property.