Uploading spreadsheets to share

You can upload to My Files any type of spreadsheet files that your administrator allows. You control who can view, download, or edit the spreadsheets.

About this task

For IBM Content Navigator users, see how to add documents to the repository.

Your administrator determines who can upload files and limits the amount of space that you have for storing files. When you reach that limit, you cannot add anything new to Files. The amount of space that you have used is displayed in the My Files view, at the end of the list of files. You can delete old versions of your files to create space.


To upload a file to My Files, follow these steps:
  1. Click New > Upload.
  2. Click Browse to select the file that you want to upload.
    Note: You can repeat this step to upload more files. The files to be uploaded are listed and you can click the file to edit the file name, or click x to delete it from the list.
  3. Click Additional Options.
  4. Optional: In the Tags field, type keywords that are separated by a space.
  5. Select one of the following choices:
    No one (shared with me only) Make the file private. Only the owner can see and edit it. Check off whether to allow others to share the file.
    People or Communities Share the file with specific people or a community. Perform these steps:
    1. Select a Person or a Community.
    2. Select the as Reader or as Editor access level:
      • Readers can read, comment on, download, and recommend a file.
      • Editors can read, edit, comment on, download, recommend, upload a new version, and set properties on the file.
    3. Perform one of the following tasks:
      • To share with people, click the field to display the names of people that you recently shared files with. If the name that you are looking for is displayed, select it. If the name is not displayed, type the name or email address, and then select the person.
      • To share with a community, type the name of the community, and then select the community when it is displayed.
        Important: When you share a file with a public community, the file becomes public.
    4. Add an optional message for people with whom you have shared the file.
    5. Check off whether to allow others to share the file.
    Everyone in my organization Make the file available to everyone in your organization. They are assigned Reader access.
    Allow others to share these files Allow people with whom you shared the file to share it with others.
  6. Click Upload.