Playing slide shows

By default, a slide show always starts with the first slide. You manually advance through slides up to the last slide. You can also select to play the slide show from the current slide.

About this task

During slide shows, press the right arrow key and down arrow key to advance to the next slide, and press the up arrow key and left arrow key to return to the previous slide.


  1. To play the slide show:
    • Click Slides > Play Slide Show or click Slides icon on the toolbar to start the slide show from the first slide.
    • Click Slides > Play from Current Slide to start the slide show from the current slide.
  2. Press the arrow keys to control the slide show.
    Note: During slide show, you can add annotation to the slide on mobile devices, both online and offline. You can set the stroke colors, stroke width, erase and undo. However, slide show annotation does not support co-editing and it is not saved to the document.