Inserting shapes

You can create 19 kinds of SVG shapes in a .pptx file to make the contents more vivid.

About this task

Note: You can create shapes only in imported or newly created .pptx files, not in .odp or .ppt files.


  1. In a presentation, click a slide that you want to insert shapes into.
  2. Click the Add a Shape icon Add a shape in the toolbar.
  3. Click the shape that you want to insert from the shapes layout and drag it to the size you like.
    Shapes layout
  4. Optional: Change the border color, background color or line weight of the shape. The color and line weight can be exported correctly.
    1. Click the inserted shape.
    2. Click the Set Fill Color icon Set Fill Color icon in the toolbar and select a color. The shape color is changed.
      Background color panel
    3. Click the Set Line Style icon set line style icon in the toolbar and select a color, set line weight, and specify line patterns. For lines and arrows, you can also set line endpoints.
      Border color panel