About comments in presentations

When you have to work on a presentation together but at different times, comments allow conversations to take place. Comments help you to track the reviewing status and responses from others.


The comments are all displayed in the Comments panel, where you can see the response thread under each comment. You can create or delete comments, add responses, direct comments or responses to another editor, and search keywords of the comments. You can view comments or responses directed to you, and view comments or responses created by other editors or directed to other editors.

During a discussion under a comment, if you need someone to do further investigation or answer a question, you can assign the item to any of the editors of the presentation. You can use the symbol @ to direct the response to any editor. The assignees can see the comments or responses that are directed at them in the Comments panel.


The program director, Tina, will give a presentation to the whole project team about 2011,2012 business plan. She drafted a presentation and she needs comments from managers in her project. Before, Tina had to send email to all the managers and asked them to give comments through mail or to update the attached presentation. When they did not give comments on the same version, Tina had to figure out which comments applied to which section and merge the comments together. If Tina wanted any of them to investigate an issue, she also had to send email. Now Tina shares this plan presentation with all managers and asks them to give comments. Managers can give comments at different times and discuss key issues. Tina can assign a question to any manager to have them further investigate an issue, and then the assigned manager can make changes to the plan.