Duplicate User Account issue when accessing HCL Connections repository

Troubleshoot a Duplicate User Account issue when accessing an HCL Connections repository.


When a user is creating a new document or editing a document,  and error message or page is displayed. The following exception is found in the Docs server JVM log:

2/12/15 15:34:06:712 CST] 0000016f ConcordDocSer E   Have no permission on this file in repository
com.ibm.concord.spi.exception.RepositoryAccessException: Exception occurred with error code: CLFAD1000, 
message: Have no permission on this file in repository, and additional data: 
"EJPVJ9070E: Unable to logon the user with the J2EE principal ******.","repo_http_status":403}
at com.ibm.concord.lc3.repository.LCFilesQCSRepository.processError(LCFilesQCSRepository.java:331)
at com.ibm.concord.lc3.repository.LCFilesQCSRepository.getDocument(LCFilesQCSRepository.java:418)
at com.ibm.concord.lc3.repository.LCFilesCMISRepository.getDocument(LCFilesCMISRepository.java:79)
at com.ibm.concord.document.services.DocumentEntryUtil.getEntry(DocumentEntryUtil.java:110)
at com.ibm.concord.document.services.DocumentEntryUtil.getEntry(DocumentEntryUtil.java:150)
at com.ibm.concord.services.servlet.ConcordDocServlet.doGet(ConcordDocServlet.java:256)


The information in the Files database of the user specified in the JAAS alias for the HCL Connections administrator (by default, connectionsAdmin) is not synchronized with the user directory.

Resolving the problem

  1. Start wsadmin client.
    • Go to <WAS_HOME>\profiles\<DMGR>\bin>
    • ./wsadmin.sh -lang jython -user <useradmin_user_id> -password admin_<password> -port<SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS Port>
      For example:
      ./wsadmin.sh -lang jython -username wasadmin -password mypassw0rd -port 8879
  2. Start the Files script with the following command:
  3. Use the following command to synchronize the internal ID of the user specified in the JAAS alias for HCL Connections administrator (by default, connectionsAdmin):
    FilesMemberService.syncMemberExtIdByLogin(string loginName) 
    For example:
Note: It is recommended that the following command be used to synchronize all duplicated information in the Files database:FilesMemberService.syncAllMembersByExtId( {"updateOnEmailLoginMatch": "true" } )