Enabling single sign-on for SiteMinder

Configure HCL Docs to use Computer Associates' SiteMinder to implement user authentication and single sign-on (SSO).

About this task

The following steps assumes that HCL Docs and HCL Connections are in the same cell.


  1. Before configuring Siteminder for HCL Docs, you must configure Siteminder for HCL Connections. To enable single sign-on (SSO) between HCL Connections and SiteMinder, refer to Enabling single sign-on for SiteMinder in the HCL Connections knowledge center.
  2. On SiteMinder Policy server, create host configuration for each WAS node, for example, Docs, Conversion, and Viewer. If Viewer is installed on the same server as Connections Servers, then there is no need to create host configuration for Viewer. The host configuration creation guide is the same as Connections.
  3. Install SiteMinder application agent on each WAS node of Docs, Conversion, and Viewer servers. The installation guide is the same as Connections to install Agent.
  4. Synchronize and restart Docs servers from WAS deployment manager console.