Enabling help content when integrating with IBM Content Navigator

When integrating with IBM Content Navigator, the help system is the Knowledge Center Local Version. You must manually do configuration steps to display HCL Docs help content.


  1. Make sure the local Knowledge Center is already started: Starting the end user help system for IBM Content Navigator.
  2. Get the help package from the installation package: IBMDocsECMHelp.
  3. Copy the SSFHJY_2.0.0.properties file from \KowledgeCenter\usr\conf to the existing KC Local directory where you install IBM Content Navigator: ICN_Install_Directory\KowledgeCenter\usr\conf.
  4. Copy the com.ibm.usingdocs.doc folder to the directory: ICN_Install_Directory\KnowledgeCenter\usr\content.
  5. Restart the local Knowledge Center.
  6. In Docs WAS DM server, locate folder ${WAS_ROOT}/profiles/Dmgr01/config/cells/${CellName}/IBMDocs-config/ and revise the section in the concord-config.json file:
     "Help": {
        "ecm_help_root" : "http://{host}:{port}/kc/SSFHJY_{RELEASE}"
    • {host} is the hostname of the Knowledge Center server.
    • {port} is the port of the Knowledge Center server, it's 9090 by default.
    • {RELEASE} is the HCL Docs release number, it is 2.0.0 currently.

    An example of the value ecm_help_root is: http://server1.renovations.com:9090/kc/SSFHJY_2.0.0.

  7. Synchronize HCL Docs nodes.
  8. Restart HCL Docs cluster.