Configuring the NFS Shares

HCL Docs can utilize a NFS, CIFS or a dedicated storage file server to share data between the different HCL Docs components. File Viewer and Conversion as well as HCL Docs and Conversion need to both access shared storage directories for documents and configuration information.

This section guides you through setting up the server-side shared storage and then providing access to this shared storage from the HCL Docs, Conversion server, and File Viewer servers. In addition, it also guides you through setting up the IBM® Connections file content directory access and shares for File Viewer if needed.

Note: You configure the NFS on a NAS or Linux server. When configuring the access to the share, the UID and GID values must match the values that the WebSphere® process is using to run. For example, if the server is running as root, the UID and GID values must be 0 and 0.