Other repositories: Configuring IBM Content Navigator for use with Docs

To integrate HCL Docs with an IBM Content Navigator(ICN) repository, you must change your ICN configuration profile to include IBM Content Management Interoperability Services(CMIS) and IBM FileNet Collaboration Services(FNCS). Make sure you have installed IBM Content Navigator 2.0.3 FP3 or above.

About this task

Important: The following steps apply only to using HCL Docs directly with ICN repositories. They do not apply to the requirement to use ICN in conjunction with CCM (Connections Content Manager) repositories for HCL Docs.
Note: There is a known issue of integrating HCL Docs with ICN 2.0.3 FP5. Upgrade to 2.0.3 FP6 if you want to integrate HCL Docs.


  1. Install IBM CMIS for FileNet Content Manager. Refer to Installing IBM CMIS for CCM and HCL Docs integration for details.
    Note: In the ICN environment, by default the ICN profile is not configured to include the CMIS application. If you want to change the ICN profile or creating a new one, see Creating a configuration profile .
  2. Configure and deploy IBM FNCS. Refer to IBM FileNet Collaboration Services.
  3. Install the HCL Docs extension and grant users permission on the object store. Refer to Installing the IBM Content Navigator add-ons.
  4. Install HCL Docs Integration plug-in in ICN console. Go to Configuring the HCL Docs Integration plug-in.
  5. Create configuration xml file for server to server communication.
    1. Check the file ${DMGR_PROFILE_PATH}/config/cells/${CELL_NAME}/LotusConnections-config/LotusConnections-config.xml. If you cannot find this file, create a new one with following content:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <config id="LotusConnections" xmlns="http://www.ibm.com/LotusConnections-config" 
      xmlns:sloc="http://www.ibm.com/service-location" xmlns:tns="http://www.ibm.com/LotusConnections-config" 
      xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.ibm.com/LotusConnections-config LotusConnections-config.xsd">
      <customAuthenticator name="DefaultAuthenticator"/>
    2. If the file ${DMGR_PROFILE_PATH}/config/cells/${CELL_NAME}/LotusConnections-config/LotusConnections-config.xml already exists, make sure it contains customAuthenticator element.
    3. Synchronize HCL Docs nodes and restart HCL Docs.