Installing the IBM Content Navigator add-ons

To integrate IBM Connections Docs with IBM Connections Content Manager, you must install the Docs add-ons for IBM Content Navigator.


  1. After you restart the server, and the server is running including IBM Connections, open a browser and go to http://yourserver/dm/jsp/addons.jsp and login as wasadmin.
  2. Click the Install button.
    install addon
  3. You will see the message that the IBM Content Navigator add-ons have been successfully registered.
    install add-on successfully
  4. Log into the Content Platform Engine administration console:
    1. Open a web browser and go to http://yourserver(:port)/acce/.
    2. Log in as wasadmin.
    Note: If you see an error message instead of a log in screen, make sure that you are logged off in all other tabs of the browser. If you do see a blank grey page with a header showing you being logged in as wasadmin, then just log out there and log in again. This should solve this problem.
  5. Open the Object Stores section of the ICDOMAIN and right-click on ICObjectStore. Select Install Add-on Features.
    install addon features
  6. The Install Add-on Features window is displayed. Select the IBM Content Navigator 2.0.3 IBM Docs Extensions check box and click OK.
    install add-on features settings
  7. When you see a message saying that the Add-ons were successfully installed, click OK.
  8. Double-click ICObjectStore.
    Click the ICObjectStore
  9. Open the Browse folder and click the Root folder.
  10. Click on the Security tab and then click Add.
    security tab
  11. In the Search field, type allauthenticated and click Search.
    search users and groups
  12. Add #AUTHENTICATED-USERS to the selected list.
    add users and groups
  13. In the Permissions section set the Permission group to View properties <Default>.
    permissions setting
  14. Click OK.
  15. Click the Save button and then close the browser tab.
    save the ICObjectStore settings
  16. Restart IBM FileNet P8. The easiest way to do this is to ripplestart the Cluster.